This application computes the IBR (Integrated Biomarker Response) metric on the basis of a number of variables provided by the user. We compute this metric in three differents ways based on the works of Beliaeff, Sanchez and Devin et. al. [1,2,3] according to a requirement by the researches of the PRODEA Laboratory at UNLu.

[1] Beliaeff B, Burgeot T (2002). Integrated biomarker response: a useful tool for ecological risk assessment. Environmental toxicology and chemistry 21(6):1316-1322.
[2] Sanchez W, Burgeot T, Porcher J (2013). A novel “Integrated Biomarker Response” calculation based on reference deviation concept. Environmental Science And Pollution Research 20(5):2721-2725.
[3] Devin S, Burgeot T, Giambérini L, Minguez L, Pain-Devin S (2013). The integrated biomarker response revisited: optimization to avoid misuse. Environmental Science and Pollution Research 21:2448–2454


First you have to complete the form, select your data files and then click the "Upload" button:

Reference data file for Sanchez-Burgeot [2] is not mandatory. The resulting values of the calculus are shown below the form.

File format

The file format admited is a .csv with space separated and no quoted values. The decimal separator of a value could be a comma or a dot. The first row of the file must be the name of each variable, the maximum number of allowed variables is 10. Here you can find an example.

Beliaeff-Burgeot [1] Sanchez-Burgeot [2] Devin-Burgeot [3]

Combinations area
Standard deviation